How To Make Google Account More Secure

Tips on how to secure Gmail account

A lot of folks are heavily integrated into the Google ecosystem with Android, Gmail, Search, Maps, YouTube, and lots more. All of those things are controlled using one Gmail account. thanks to such high-level integration, it gets mandatory to stay your Gmail account protected. Google takes online security seriously to guard your Google Account, for that I strongly recommend you follow the tips given below regularly.


Tips on how to secure Gmail account

Having a strong password will help to avert other people from ingress your information. You must use a password that is easy for you to recall and difficult for others to estimate.

Variations on the words like password or secret or the names related to you or the mobile numbers or the dictionary words and the patterns like query or 12345 on the keyboard are really easy to guess and you should not have them as your password.

Your password must have a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers,  symbols and should be of some reasonable length.

It’s risky to use an equivalent password on multiple sites. If your password for one site is hacked, it might be wont to get into your accounts for multiple sites.

Tips on how to make a strong password are

:- First, is that password longer than 12 digits long.

:- Second, the password must contain uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and letters.

:- Third, is that make password unique, meaning that it hasn't been used on any other account that you have.

:- And fourth, the password must be changed every six months.


Tips on how to secure Gmail account

Software updates are important because they frequently comprise reproving patches to security holes. In fact, many of the more harmful malware attacks we see the cash in of software vulnerabilities in common applications, like operating systems and browsers.

 These are big programs that need regular updates to stay safe and stable. So rather than procrastinating about software updates, see those updates together of the foremost essential steps you'll take when it involves protecting your information.

In addition to security fixes, software updates also can include new or enhanced features or better compatibility with different devices or applications. They can also improve the steadiness of your software, and take away outdated features.

All of those updates are aimed toward making the user experience better. If your browser, OS, or apps are out-of-date, the software won't be safe from hackers. Keep your software updated to assist protect your account.

And also google security Updates are released in order to fix bugs, keep your device running smoothly, and to introduce new features After you've updated your software, you might notice subtle differences like the font or the way your device's menus look. 

You should receive an automatic message when an update is out there for your device. If you want to turn this feature on or off you can from the settings menu. You can also search for updates manually. 

Updating software can take a touch while you'll be wanting to form sure that your phone stays switched on and connected to the web throughout so before you begin it is a good idea to possess a charged battery and access to a stable Wi-Fi connection. 


TIP:-3  GMAIL SECURITY   CHECKUP                                                          

Tips on how to secure Gmail account

Do a google security checkup

First, review the section to "Check your recovery information." Here you will find a recovery telephone number and email if you ever forget your Google security code/password otherwise you suspect suspicious activity with your Google account. You may also see a security question.

Go to Security Checkup to urge personalized security recommendations for your Google Account, including:

Make sure the telephone number and email address are both enabled and proper. You can remove your security question if it still exists, as Google does not support this method of recovering your account do you have to forget your password. When completing this section, click on the Done button.

If a hacker is to realize access to your account or is in a position to dam your account, you'll enable it from the Settings option of Gmail.

Add or update google account recovery options

:- Turn on 2-Step Verification

 :- Remove risky access to your data

 :- Turn on-screen locks.



Tips on how to secure Gmail account

Protect against suspicious message and call

 Hackers can use emails, text messages, phone calls, and sites to pretend to be institutions, relations, or colleagues. if you open such emails, you'll possibly end up in an enormous pool of trouble. So it's recommended that if you see any such kind of mail, then steer away from.

Google provides a full security option inside account settings, during which we all can cash in on it, using some extra features and more security add-on, there are some security barriers on every online account, many loopholes. you'll start and think beyond the safety of your Gmail account, first time once you create a replacement Gmail account, you would like to think and make a 3D secure password, then enable account security using 2-factor authentication using your mobile number, and enable recovery email account features.

Steps to go after Manage Security alerts settings with Google Gmail account Setting

:- To change and manage you would like to possess a Gmail login credential, during this option, you'll get complete security options.

:-After the complete login process, you would like to travel where all the safety options are available to your account.

:- Now choose Security alert settings, click MANAGE SETTINGS to configure it, during this tab Google shows a default message regarding security. Decide how we should always contact you to allow you to know of a change to your account’s security settings or if we notice something suspicious.

:- Choose which notifications you’d wish to receive, and the way you’d wish to receive them, by email or by text message, for Critical security risks. If a hacker has your password and tries to check in to your account, select for email and text message.

:- Other account activity, once you change your account recovery options, by default email is chosen for that specific option.
Key Point to stay in mind

:- Always add your mobile number into your Gmail account to urge important notifications.

:- Never open your personal important email on the other devices.

:- Always logged out once you logged in your account aside from your device.

:- Use a Strong Password for your personal and business account.

:- Avoid suspicious requests

:- Avoid suspicious emails

:- Avoid suspicious sites

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Tips on how to secure Gmail account

When you use an application or web service that needs access to an account — for instance, anything in your Google account, files in your Dropbox account, tweets on Twitter, and so on — that application normally doesn't ask for the service’s password. Instead, the appliance requests access using something called OAuth. If you comply with the prompt, that app gets access to your account. The account’s website provides the service with a token it can use to access your account.

This is safer than simply giving the third-party application your password because you get to stay your password. It’s also possible to restrict access to specific data — for example, you might authorize a service to access your Gmail account but not your files in Google Drive or other data in your Google account.

When you give app access, you see a permission prompt on the web site you employ. So, if you hand an app approach to your Google account, you’ll see a permission prompt on the Google website.

Remove apps & browser extensions you don’t need

As more apps are installed on a tool, it can become more vulnerable. Install only essential apps. It is recommended that you simply keep it up cleaning your account regularly and take away access from any non-essential apps.

 Attend your account settings then to the Apps section and revoke access from any third-party apps that you simply not use. you'll use a chrome extension for this work.