Myths related to our smartphones

                  Top 17 myths related to our smartphones

Do you have to evacuate your battery completely before charging it? Or putting on airplane mods makes a fast charge to our phone? Some of these are myths and some are totally true.

*Here are 17 myths related to our smartphones, let’s check out if they’re appropriate or bogus.


1 Drain your battery completely before you recharge it.

FALSE:- Batteries used in phones about ten years ago really lasted longer if you dropped them to zero before plugging in the phone. Lithium-ion batteries used these days. If you often let it drain completely before charging it again be prepared to replace the battery every six months or so.

2 Your phone is safe without a screen protector.

 TRUE:-First generation touchscreen smartphones needed outside protection from scratches, chips, and cracks. Today, phone screens are strong enough on their own. Things that they can't stand are sand and rocks. So, unless you spend a lot of time on the construction site, it will good to go without a screen protector.

3You can dry a wet phone with a hairdryer.

 FALSE and RISKY:- Technically, you can dry your phone with a hairdryer. But you don’t really want to because it will overheat your gadget. Phones don’t like too much heat, just saying. I wonder if there’s some other way to solve the issue. Rice maybe?

Top 17 myths related to our smartphones

4. If the hairdryer is too hot, just drop the phone in a bag of rice.

 FALSE:- Until and unless you have a water-resistant device, don’t drop it directly into a bathtub, even if you have a bag of uncooked rice on hand. Rice can absorb moisture, but not from the inside of your phone. And, what’s worse, the starch off the rice can get into the cracks and take the damage to the next level.

5Closing background apps is a good way to save battery.

FALSE:-When you leave one app and start using a different one, the first one is stored in RAM to reopen in exactly the same condition you left it. This multitasking algorithm helps save power. And, when you shut down apps that aren’t in use on your own, you’re wasting way more power.

6The more megapixels, the better the photos.

 FALSE:- How many megapixels does your phone camera have? My friends recently shifted to 48 MP. But looking at his pictures, I could tell my 12 MP one is doing a better job at photography. The reason is, it's the quality and not the quantity of those megapixels that matter in the first place.

Top 17 myths related to our smartphones

74G eats more data than 3G.

 FALSE:- 4G just loads the same data volumes faster than 3G. It does use slightly more battery power though. The same is true for 5G. So if you need to save battery, you might wanna keep it on 3G unless you have to download something quicker.

8A fast charger can damage your phone.

 FALSE. Fast chargers only send more power to your phone and so it gets completely charged in half the regular time or even quicker. Rumors are spreading that it can damage the battery. In fact, a fast charger slows down somewhere between 60 and 80 percent and then finishes the process at regular speed, so there won’t be too much current. The only issue could be the extra heat, but every battery ages with the time. 

Top 17 myths related to our smartphones

9.The More your RAM, the better the performance of the phone is.

 FALSE:- Do you often have to work in 5 apps on your phone at the same time? Unless you said yes, you don’t really need to invest in a phone with 8GB RAM (that’s random access memory, just to make it clear), because that’s what it’s much better at. A phone with 3 or 4 GB RAM with a strong processor works fast enough to let you switch from app to app and do other things. And, it’s just as fit for the latest operating systems.

104K display is what you absolutely need on your phone.

 FALSE:- 4K is great for a large display, such as a TV or computer screen. As for your phone, it's a waste of money. The human eye can't perceive anything higher than 2K or even Full HD on such a small display. More than that, the more pixels your phone's hardware has to drive, the more battery it spends on it.

Top 17 myths related to our smartphones


11. Smartphones are a source of radiation.

  TRUE:- But it’s a kind of electromagnetic radiation that is completely safe for humans. So you need not worry about that.

12You can't use your smartphone when it's charging.

FALSE:- It's totally safe to do it. One thing you should know though is that it slows down the charging process. Do you personally use your phone while charging or did you have doubts about the safety of this ritual? Let me know in the comments below. Speaking of charging…

13. Phones charge faster in airplane mode.

Top 17 myths related to our smartphones

 TRUE:- When you switch to airplane mode, your phone stops trying to connect to cell towers and pinpoint your position. When these functions are disabled, it's using less energy. It for sure speeds up the processes of charging, but narrowly. You might be able to save about 10 minutes, but that's it.

14. Your gadget can really interfere with plane systems. This is easily one of the most burning issues frequent flyer ponder on.

 TRUE:-Just one smartphone won’t mess up the flight. But if many passengers decide to ignore the“please switch your devices to airplane mode” command, it can seriously interfere with a plane’s flight systems. So you’d better not take that risk.

15. If you take out your SIM card, no one will ever find you.

FALSE:-If you think someone wants to track your location, they can able to do it even if you take the SIM card out. This trick might work in fictional movies, but in reality, you can be easily found because of GPS as long as you're still using that phone.

Top 17 myths related to our smartphones

16. Plastic-based smartphones are the worst.

FALSE:-They have their pros and cons, but all in all they are just as good as metal or glass-based phones. And they even have some benefits: they are cheaper, lighter, and highly unlikely to break even if you drop them. Plus, the plastic body makes signal reception easier.

17. The only safe charger is the original one.

 Manufacturers want you to believe it, but it’s actually 

FALSE:- Unless you go for a one-dollar knock-off, quality third party chargers and cables are totally safe for your smartphone. They have built-in safety mechanisms just like the original chargers and your phone won’t burn or anything.  

Top 17 myths related to our smartphones

*Bonus Myth

:- Automatic brightness mode is a sure way to save battery. Dimming your screen does help save some charge. But that whole automatic brightness mode is brought to you by a light sensor that’s probably going to spend even more power on collecting and analyzing data about the surroundings to pick the right light level.